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Urbane [ ur-beyn ]

adjective - reflecting elegance, sophistication, especially in expression.

Refining the messaging of our clients.


Why Urbane

Focus on your business and leave the investor communications to the experts.


At Urbane Capital, we offer bespoke strategies for marketing pre-public and public companies in the mining and technology sectors. We are effective and committed professionals with a 24/7 mindset so you can interact with a sole point of contact and receive a full suite of classic and innovative services.


What We Do

Every company is unique. Whether you need to create retail or institutional awareness, raise capital, go public or diversify your shareholder base, we actively help you manage the entire process.

Pathway to Public Advisory

IPO/RTO Strategy + Exemptions



Regulatory Procedures + Processing

Shareholder Reach

Investor Relations + Corporate Communications

(Investor decks, PRs, quarterly calls, etc.)


Investing Conferences + Events

Deal + Non-Deal Roadshows

Worldwide Coverage

Digital Marketing

Investor Specific Target

Website + Social Media Management

Lead Generation

Content Creation

(incl. video production)


AI Targeting Tools

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