Learn To Write Your PR Headlines

Writing those news release titles can be confusing.

Here's a little formula to make sure you get it right.

1. Target the reader

- The reader wants to know how they benefit from the information, include them in the headline!

- Tell the readers what to do

2. Focus on the front

- The first 11 characters are KEY

- Place the Reader and the Benefit on the headline

- Place the product (or ticker) in the sub headline

3. Choose STRONG verbs

- Time to step away from the typical verbs (Announces, Launches, Partners...)

- And start using SEXY verbs (Grow, Roars, Increases, Terminates....)

- Remember, the verb IS the story!

4. Cut the hype

- Even though you are using strong verbs, don't inflate the news

- Readers and SEO will hate it and you will lose credibility

5. Keep it short

- 8-9 words are the sweet spot for humans and for SEO

Source: BusinessWire